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Project Information

Academic projects

Augusta University Augusta, Georgia USA

Initiated: January 2008
Completed: February 2008
Project: Implement Web Enhancement Project

Initiated: September 2009
Completed: December 2009
Project: Re-Architect Enterprise Email System and update to GroupWise 8

Initiated: May 2010
Completed: June 2010
Implementation: Redesign and expand Enterprise Email System SMTP services

Initiated: November 2010
Completed: January 2012
Project: Implement new organisational name for all university managed systems

Initiated: June 2011
Completed: January 2012
Project: Migration of Enterprise Email system from GroupWise 8 to Exchange 2010

Initiated: June 2012
Completed: October 2013
Project: Migrate all university systems to the updated GHSU Data Center

Initiated: August 2013
Completed: January 2014
Project: Migrate university Linux systems from PAM LDAP to System Security Services Daemon (SSSD) configurations for authentication services

Initiated: May 2014
Completed: Scheduled May 2015
Project: Migrate user facing services and file systems from Novell eDirectory to MS Active Directory for Domains

The University of Georgia Athens, Georgia USA

Initiated: July 2015
Completed: December 2015
Project: Migrate all department virtual machines from GACRC managed ESX hosts to EITS managed ESX hosts

Initiated: September 2015
Completed: April 2016
Project: Design processes to audit accounts with access to university information systems with elevated privileges

Initiated: November 2015
Completed: August 2016
Project: Migrate research data from legacy desperate storage subsystems to unified GACRC managed storage

Initiated: January 2016
Completed: February 2016
Project: Migrate all GACRC Linux accounts and groups to Active Directory

Initiated: February 2016
Completed: March 2016
Project: Integrate all GACRC Linux systems with Active Directory using the System Security Services Daemon (SSSD)

Initiated: September 2016
Completed: November 2016
Project: Implement enterprise backup service dedicated to the recovery of managed research data storage systems

Initiated: March 2017
Completed: March 2017
Project: Infini-band infrastructure expansion for High Performance Computing clusters and storage

Initiated: August 2017
Cancelled: March 2018
Project: Implementing a Ceph based solution to replace and expand existing near-line storage used for research data

Initiated: May 2017
Completed: December 2017
Project: Implementing two factor authentication for authentication and elevated privilege sessions (sudo) for GACRC Linux systems integrated with Active Directory

Initiated: April 2018
Completed: July 2018
Project: Expansion of Infini-band infrastructure to include an EDR fabric for High Performance Computing clusters and storage

Initiated: April 2018
Completed: July 2018
Project: Expansion for GACRC high performance compute and near-line storage capacity.

Initiated: April 2018
Completed: July 2018
Project: Expansion for GACRC high performance compute node capacity.

The University System of Georgia Athens, Georgia USA

Initiated: June 2016
Completed: June 2016
Project: Consult with Board of Regents information technology staff concerning migrating Linux LDAP configurations to integrated Active Directory configurations using the Security Services Daemon (SSSD)