Photo of the arches at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC

Personal Information and Interests

My work ethic:
I started shaping my professional belief system coming up through the trades industry. Building custom windows and doors appealed to my attention to detail and desire to craft a worthwhile result. I enjoyed knowing my work was respected, that customers trusted me and knew I would always do my best. Taking a minute at the end of the day to sweep up, dust everything off and look at the work that had been completed was always my favourite part of the job.

I carry this philosophy and pride into my technical career as well. I stepped out of the trades field and directly into college. I'm proud to say that I believe my customers still feel the same way about me and my work.

Lawrence kearney

New York City:
After living in Georgia for over 25 years I began making regular visits to Manhattan initially to interview and experience NYC. I liked it very, very much right away. Eventually I moved to New York City to live and work. My personal and professional life and workstyles are very different as a result. Although I have relocated back to Georgia you can still find me in the city with some frequency spending time with good friends, old neighbours, and clients.

East 20th Street Apartment The NYC 'hood

I do enjoy riding very much. My favourite times to ride are in the fall and very late at night, or very early in the morning depending on your perspective. Nothing beats having the roads to yourself, thrashing the throttle, and wearing down the "chicken strips" on your tyres without having to slow down for traffic. Longer rides with no particular end point are always fun as well. These afford true unplugged solitary time when one can reflect on the day, month, or year.

Ever since I was sixteen I've owned a motorcycle. The first was a street and trail that I used for transport between work, school, and the parties teenagers frequent. Truth be told I've never been without one to this day. Even after a having my first accident in twenty years I purchased my replacement ZRX while I was still on crutches. Now I actually own two ... a Triumph and the "Z-ReX".

Triumph Daytona and Kawasaki ZRX Lawrence at wheelie school

Meeting people:
I've never had much trouble meeting and accepting people. Frankly, my sincerity is sometimes misunderstood in a culture that seems to enjoy increasing interpersonal distance. Regardless, some of my most treasured friendships have begun as uncomfortable moments two people simply took a chance on. I believe no matter how far flung people are friendship, fellowship, and camaraderie are possible if you simply want to try.

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