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A note about documentation formats:
In my opinion there are two types of technical documentation. One written in the "speak" of a specific audience and the other with a more general audience in mind. The first allows the author to be as succinct as possible, and the reader to extract usable information quickly. The second allows the reader to consume the information conceptually and technically.

When the skill level of the reader is unknown I use the more generalized format for documentation. I begin with an overview of the topic, followed by an expansion in detail, and finally by procedure examples using the covered material.

Examples of documentation using both of these formats:

OES Linux Server Templates rev. 1.07 Download
Apache Authentication, Authorisation, and Access Control rev. 1.05 Download
Spanning a Linux User Management configuration rev. 1.01 Download
Sample GroupWise System DR Plan rev. 1.02 Download

Examples of procedure style documentation:

Admin Quick Start - Starting and stopping GroupWise Linux Agents rev. 1.00 Download
Admin Quick Start - Making changes to GroupWise Agent SSL certs rev. 1.00 Download
Admin Quick Start - Managing GWIA SMTP ACLs rev. 1.00 Download

There are also documents that are intended to introduce a reader to a topic that is new to them or enhnance their current understanding of the material. Tutorials rarely include procedures and should allow for expansion beyond a basic overview.

Examples of tutorial documentation:

Admin Tutorial - An LDAP, SASL, GSSAPI and Kerberos primer rev. 1.1 Download