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Professional Changelog



Certifications Achieved:
SUSE Certified Administrator (SCA 15)
SUSE Certified Engineer (SCE 15)


SUSECON 2019 conference (USA, Nashville Tennessee):
Managing and Monitoring Ceph with the Ceph Manager Dashboard
5 Ways Companies Are Using SUSE High Performance Computing in AI, Machine Learning and Analytics
It's finally time for Arm in the Datacenter- and beyond
To GPU, or not to GPU
Architecting Ceph Solutions
HPC Data Management with HPE DMF and SUSE Enterprise Storage - a customer experience
SUSE Manager - Practice How to Keep Your Systems Up-to-Date in a Standardized and Efficient Manner
Solving Hybrid Cloud for High Performance Compute
High Performance Computing with SLES for HPC on AWS
SUSE OpenStack Cloud Roadmap
Monitoring and Data-driven decisions with Prometheus and SUSE Manager
Introduction to SUSE HPC Modules (Presenter)



Certifications Achieved:
Bright 8.0 Basic Administration


GlobusWorld 2018 (USA, Chicago Illinois)

VMware vSphere 6.7: Install, Configure, Manage (USA, Athens Georgia):
Introduction to vSphere and the Software-Defined Data Center
Creating Virtual Machines
vCenter Server
Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks
Configuring and Managing Virtual Storage
Virtual Machine Management
Resource Management and Monitoring
vSphere HA, vSphere Fault Tolerance, and Protecting Data
vSphere DRS
vSphere Update Manager
vSphere Troubleshooting

Bright 8.0 Basic Administration (Online, Bright Computing):
Network Topology
Technical Support
Basic Concepts
Interacting with Switches, PDUs and Chassis
Provisioning Nodes
Cluster Management Tools
Environment Modules
Power Management
Creating Custom Software Images
NVIDIA GPU Integration
Health Management

Lustre Administration Essentials (Online, U.S. Department of Defense HPC Research Program):
Introduction to Lustre
Hardware Selection and Benchmarking for Lustre
Basic Lustre Installation and Setup from Stock RPMs
Creating a Lustre Test System from Source with Virtual Machines
Lustre Tuning and Advanced LNet Configuration
File System Administration and Monitoring
Analysis of Crash Dumps and Log Files
Methods for Evaluating the Functionality, Performance, & Reliability of Lustre
Recent LNET and Lustre Tool Improvements
LNET Bonding
Lustre and Memory
Lustre Over Long-Haul Connections Using LNet Routers
Working with Problematic Nodes
Recovery and Eviction



Certifications Achieved:
SUSE Technical Specialist
SUSE Certified Administrator(SCA 12)
SUSE Certified Engineer (SCE 12)
SUSE Certified Instructor (SCI)


TTP 2017 conference (EMEA session, Linz, Austria):
Re-inventing a local Search Service
Using the SSSD LDAP and AD providers on SLES 12 (hands on) (Instructor)
How to manage your $#!* Macs round table discussion
SSL and TLS since 2014 round table discussion
IDM for students is simple for staff it is not!
How MF is interacting with the customers, Ideas driven requirements
Panel session - product feedback
Customer Care Keynote & Feedback
How Strong are your passwords?
What is going on with super computing in the USA: A sysadmin perspective (Presenter)
Preview of the new UI in IDM 4.6
IDM 4.7 - what should be delivered in the new version
A look at the ingredients and cooking methods required for SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 using Ceph
How to tackle issues related to migrating and switching users
Micro Focus Licensing - do you understand the EULA's

Quality and beta testing:

SUSE Enterprise Storage 5



SUSECON 2016 conference (USA, Washington D.C.):
Implementing the SSSD using SLES12 and Active Directory (hands on) (Instructor)
Tales from the Trenches: Ceph in the Enterprise with Novacoast
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for High Performance Computing: Keeping Pace with HPC
Transform Your Data Center From Traditional to Software Defined By Doing Storage First
Best Practices in Monitoring
SLES 12 SP2 - What's New?
HPC Software Solutions: Intel® HPC Orchestrator
The System Security Services Daemon (SSSD), SLES12 and Active Directory (Presenter)
Managing SELinux in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12
SUSE Enterprise Storage - Ceph based software defined storage overview and roadmap
Ceph and Storage Management with openATTIC
Building reliable Ceph clusters with SUSE Enterprise Storage

University System of Georgia, Annual Computing conference at Rock Eagle (USA, Eatonton Georgia):
Stuff Everyone Shouls Know About the SSSD (Presenter)



Professional Development and outreach:
Edinburgh University, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) (site visit)

Supercomputing 2015 (USA, Austin Texas)
Parallel Computing 101
InfiniBand and High-Speed Ethernet for Dummies
Accelerating Big Data Processing with Hadoop, Spark, and Memcached on Modern Clusters
Experiencing HPC for Undergraduates: Introduction to HPC Research
Connecting HPC and High Performance Networks for Scientists and Researchers
Variability in Large-Scale, High-Performance Systems
Slurm User Group Meeting
Analyzing Parallel I/O
Procuring Supercomputers: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

SUSECON 2015 conference (The Netherlands, Amsterdam):
High Performance Computing Technology forum (Presenter)
Authentication, Authorisation and Windows Integration using SSSD (hands on) (Instructor)

University System of Georgia, Annual Computing conference at Rock Eagle (USA, Eatonton Georgia):
The System Security Services Daemon (SSSD) explained (Presenter)

TTP 2015 conference (USA, Provo Utah):
On Login Difficulties for a Community Web Site
Linux authentication using the System Security Services Daemon (SSSD) explained (Presenter)
Implementing the System Security Services Daemon (SSSD) using SLES and AD (Presenter)
IDM Troubleshooting and most Frequent Support Issues
Enterprise Backup and DR for EDU
Unix/Linux - the hidden tools that can help the admin (hands-on)
IDM 4.5 New Features
Cloud Services - cut the hype - lets look at the reality
Raspberry Pi in the network
Backup in Distributed Environments
The things High Performance Computing cannot be bothered with (Presenter)
What's New in SLES 11 SP4 and SLES 12

Quality and beta testing:

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) Support Pack 2 (SP2)



Certifications Achieved:
VMware Sales Professional
VMware Technical Sales Professional


Professional Development:

Augusta University (USA, Augusta Georgia)
President's Lecture Series:
The History of Reproductive Endocrinology in the 20th Century, Dr. Alan Hersh DeCherney
Paradise Lost? Higher Education in the 21st Century, Dr. F. Javier Cevallos
The Relevance of the Research University in the  21st Century: Bringing our Mission to Life, Dr. Satish K. Tripathi
Making a Merger Work at Virginia Commonwealth University, Dr. Eugene Trani

Augusta University’s Innovation in Management Speaker Series
Managing Health Services Delivery: A Case for Telemedicine Maturity Models, Lars Mathiassen

Dean's Research Seminar Series:
Targeting the Social Determinants of Health, Dr. David Satcher

Drs. Robert and Lois Ellison Lecture Series:
Body 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, Dr. Nina Tandon

AU Research Administrative Town Hall, Dr. Mark Hamrick and Dr. Michael Diamond

TTP 2014 conference (USA, Provo Utah):
Backup and Disaster Recovery for EDU
Novell Storage Manager for Active Directory (Hands on Lab)
Self Service Password Reset or Password Management - it's your choice
Advancements in Linux Authentication and Authorisation using SSSD (Presenter)
IDM Roadmap and Futures
How to properly secure a web server with OpenSSL
Academic Storage and Continuity Solutions
Mac File Sharing in a Microsoft Storage Environment
SSL Essentials: how it works, and the errors you may encounter
Grasping IDM Roles and Resources Revisited
How to take over somebody else's IDM system and not break anything
Creating your first Microsoft Active Directory (Hands on Lab)
The Power of eDirectory- lets find out how everyone is exploiting its features (Presenter)
IDM: You first integration with Microsoft Active Directory
Everyone should know more about less
Supported Linux server AD integration methods and tools
Implementing Linux Authentication and Authorisation using SSSD (Hands on Lab) (Instructor)
Systemd primer
NetIQ Cloud Manager - Self Service provisioning of virtual machines on your hypervisor of choice
Technical Support: Top issues for IDM
Upgrading to GroupWise 2014 (Presenter)

University System of Georgia, Annual Computing conference at Rock Eagle (USA, Eatonton Georgia):
Discussion of IT leadership skills for success
What makes a CIO successful: Advice From Stakeholders Panel Discussion
Developing Non-Technical Skills for IT Leadership Success: The Peoplemap System (Part 1)
Developing Non-Technical Skills for IT Leadership Success: The Peoplemap System (Part 2)
How to Successfully Integrate Information Security and Academic Research
Creating a User-Friendly Portal for Institutional Analytics
Are you ready for a Next Generation Firewall?
Developing Support Alliances for Videoconferenced Classes
Linux Authentication and Authorisation using SSSD (Presenter)
Where to Start with Change Management: A Low Overhead Approach
Enhancing Undergraduate IT Curriculum with Networking and Digital Forensics Labs

TTP Fall Summit 2014 (USA, Salt Lake City Utah):
Let Vibe awaken your inner MacGyver! Build your own academic use case
Integrating OES 2015 in Active Directory Environments (Native AD Support)
OES 2015 - Deep-dive in to SMB 2.0, >8TB NSS support, >16TB NCP Support, Upgrades and more
iPrint for the masses: Whats new and whats on the horizon
Filr 1.1 & Beyond - Architecture, Performance & Scale Improvements and DFS Enablement
SmallOps: My First Year in IT Operations at Martin Luther College
Experiences of using ZEN in a Purely Microsoft Environment
Implementing IDM beyond the regular scope in Tel-Aviv University
Novell Update and Feedback
NetIQ Update and Feedback
ENGL - Life and times of ZENworks developers
Building up a UniqueID ecosystem for your Filr, GW, Vibe, iPrint etc under the roof of SSO
eDirectory and IDM Update (NDA session)
SSO at the University of Groningen
SUSE Update

Novell Brainshare 2014 (USA, Salt Lake City Utah):
What's new in NetIQ eDirectory 9.0
Self-Encrypting Drives: Perks and Pitfalls
Using a Modern Directory to Manage and Secure Legacy Hosts
Integrating Access Manager into a Microsoft Environment
Demystifying Encryption and Decryption with SSL Certificates
Compare and Contrast: Differences between Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 Linux and Windows Server 2012
Novell GroupWise: Best Practices
Implementing GroupWise 2014 in an Active Directory Environment
Becoming a GroupWise 2014 Power User: Hidden Treasures of the GroupWise Mail Client
Upgrading and Deploying the GroupWise 2014 Windows Client (Presenter)
From GroupWise and Exchange Coexistence to Complete Migration – A How-to Session
Upgrading to GroupWise 2014: Tips, Tricks and Best Practices

TTP 2014 conference (Asia Pacific session, Teleconference):
Advancements in Linux Authentication and Authorisation using SSSD (Presenter)

SUSECON 2014 conference (USA, Orlando Florida):
Networking - It's a wicked world
Upgrading to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12
High Availability Storage
SUSE High Performance Computing Roadmap: HPC with SUSE Linux Enterprise
SUSE Storage - Sizing and Performance
SUSE Storage - Software Defined Storage Introduction and Roadmap: Getting your tenticles around data growth
Implementing Linux Authentication and Authorisation using SSSD (Presenter)
Best Current practices for SUSE High Availability Clustering 12
Best Practices: Linux High Availability with VMware Virtual Machines
Virtualising 1000 Servers - Case Studies
All you ever wanted to know about memory optimisation for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
SLES improvements that enable better reliability, availability and servicability (RAS) for very large x86 servers
Samba and Btrfs - A Snapshot of Progress

SUSE quality and beta testing:

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

Novell quality and beta testing:

Novell OES Linux 2015



SUSECON 2013 conference (USA, Orlando Florida):
Apache LDAP Configuration using Novell eDirectory and MS Active Directory for the Neanderthal (Presenter)
Integrating VMware with OpenStack using SUSE Cloud
Protect your server with SELinux on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11
OpenLDAP as a Web Application Database

TTP 2013 conference (Asia Pacific session, Teleconference):
Apache LDAP Configuration using Novell eDirectory and MS Active Directory for the Neanderthal (Presenter)
GroupWise SMTP Infrastructure Design (Presenter)
VMware OSP (Operating System Specific Packages) Tools (Presenter)

TTP 2013 conference (EMEA session, Groningen The Netherlands):
Filr Introduction
IDM Development in a large, multi-developer environment
Recent Developments in openSUSE including v12.3
OES Update including eDir, LUM and DSfW
OES Futures including migration enhancements and Project Tigershark
SUSE Linux Enterprise Update
How to contribute to openSUSE
Summary of how UMICH uses ACLs with their drivers to address user and group privacy, LDAP trees and GCVs
GroupWise SMTP Infrastructure Design (Presenter)
Designing IDM for Diversity
SUSE Linux Enterprise Installation
Apache LDAP auth/authnz using eDir and AD for Neanderthals (Presenter)
Tour of the High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster implementations at the Donald Smits Centre for Information Technology
Interviews and discussions with university HPC implementation and management staff
An introduction to Radio Astronomy in just 15 minutes
The Lofar Project - Details of network infrastructure and storage
Tour of the Exloo Antenna fields radio telescope site
Tour of the Westerbork radio telescope site
Installing and managing Vmware Tools the easy way (Presenter)
Process management: process and daemon management on Linux
Password recovery and email auto-configure
GroupWise and Collaboration Update and Roadmap
Implementing Google Apps with the IDM driver at UMICH
Governing data in Novell and Microsoft infrastructures
Open Horizons Updates
Managing NSS and Linux volumes with NLVM
SLES-HA clustering without a SAN

TTP 2013 conference (USA, Provo Utah):
VMware OSP (Operating System Specific Packages) Tools (Presenter)

AirWatch Connect (USA, Atlanta Georgia)



Certifications Achieved:
NCE Novell OES 2 Advanced Technical Specialist


Professional Development:
Successful Grantseeking Techniques for obtaining Public and Private Grants

openSUSE Summitt (USA, Orlando Florida):
SUSE Studio - Image Building for the Cloud and More
Centralized Authentication with LDAP
The Heart of openSUSE: System Administration with YaST
Building the Perfect Desktop Solution

SUSECON 2012 conference (USA, Orlando Florida):
High Performance Computing and SUSE Linux Enterprise
Lightweight Virtualization with Linux Containers
Leveraging Cloud Platform Services for Effective Software Delivery
An Introduction to OpenStack and SUSE Cloud
Block Storage for the Cloud, a Pilot with Enterprise Use Cases at BMW
Managing Complex Migration Projects to Linux - Criteria that Determine Success or Failure
New Interoperability Solutions for using SUSE Linux Enterprise in a Microsoft Environment
Dell Crowbar: A Platform for Innovation in the Cloud, Bid Data and Beyond
The Forgotten Step: Don't Stumble on the Way to the Cloud

TTP 2012 conference (USA, Provo Utah):
Filr update
Filr (Discussion with product management and development teams)
My most common problems in OES
Novell Backup and Disaster Recovery best practice
Closing the knowkedge gap between managing NetWare 6.5 and OES/SLES
Implementing GroupWise SetupIP (Presenter)
How could the academic programs be improved (Inter-organization Discussion)
ZenWorks Configuration Management 11.2 Roadmap and Futures
Problem solving and Troubleshooting Teamwork
Kanaka for OES and PointSpin - mod_eDir functionality for OES
Automated User Provisioning for Google Apps
VMware Tools Operation Specific Packages (Presenter)
ZenWorks Full Disk Encryption
Electronic Information Sources - what's available
Implementing POSIX clustering resources with NCS and NCP enabling them
SUSE Case Studies - You input needed
OES Roadmap and Futures
ZenWorks Application Virtualization
Novell Data Governance and Storage Manager
ZenWorks Mobile Device Management
Mobile Device Management Trends (Discussion with product management and development teams)
A GroupWise Health Check - AKA, How to lose a friend in 45 minuter (Presenter)
SUSE Roadmap and Futures
How to move a Data Center with ease and Success
WebAccess Security - install out of the box and then configure (Presenter)
Apache authentication and authorization against eDir/LDAP for Neanderthals (Presenter)
Domain Services for Windows (Discussion with product management and development teams)
Technical Support Delivery and Academic Programs
Vibe - What do I do with it and a useful free tool for TTP members
Patch Staging with SMT
Collaboration Roadmap and Futures
IDM Roadmap and Futures

Augusta University:

Augusta University Tech Fair 2012:
Information Technologies to Support Translational Research
AU and TheraSim: Virtual Simulation Training for CLAS Communication


BYOD (Bring your own device) Solutions Day:
Design Considerations for Pervasive Wireless within the Enterprise & Virtual Desktops for Fixed Devices
Design Considerations for Integration of Guests, Partners & Customers & Policy to Manage Access to Content
Design Considerations for Anywhere, Any Device Mobility Infrastructure, Management and Applications
Design Considerations for The Next Generation Workspace Built on an Intelligent Network

GWAVACon (Torrance, CA):

Novell Training Services:
Introduction to GroupWise 2012 ATT Lab
GroupWise 2012: Migration to Linux ATT Lab

GroupWise SMTP Infrastructure Design (Presenter)
Demystifying DNS
Kaspersky Security Services
Enabling Cloud Services Security
Meeting with Bob Flynn (Novell CEO)
Email Archiving with Cross Platform Support
An Introduction to Novell Service Desk
The Top Ten things your employees should be doing with GroupWise but aren't
Introduction to GWAVA Retain 2 for Blackberry Enterprise Server
Surviving a Security Attack
Upgrading to and Exploring New Features in Novell ZENworks 11 Configuration Management
Aaaaack! They won't accept our email!
Retain hands on lab



Red Hat Training Services:
Red Hat System Administration 2 Course RH135

Novell Brainshare 2011 (USA, Salt Lake City Utah):
Understanding Role Based Provisioning 4.01 Security and Resource Model
The Enterprise Way of Communication
Case Study: How SUPERVALU Tamed Their Active Directory Environment
Simplified Identity and Access Management for Higher Education
Understanding Linux Pluggable Authentication Modules
Applied Knowledge: Windows 7 Live Migration
Linux Clusters in the Enterprise: SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension Best Practices
Making Samba Shares Highly Available
An In-Depth Look at the Novell GroupWise Internet Agent (Presenter)
Taming Your Active Directory Environment with Directory and Resource Administrator
Compare and Contrast: Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 and Windows Server 2008 R2
Applied Knowledge: Comprehensive Endpoint Protection for the Mobile Workforce
Applied Knowledge: Operating System Migrations, Beyond Best Practices
Advanced Session: Novell ZENworks Configuration Management
Applied Knowledge: Managing the Macintosh in the Enterprise
Introduction to GWAVA Retain 2.6 for GroupWise

TTP Fall Summit 2011 (USA, Salt Lake City Utah):
SUSE update, discussion and Q&A
ZEN Update
ZENWorks Bundle Commander
SKySMS, enterprise text messaging for GroupWise
GroupWise & Collaboration Update and Futures
A Discussion with Jay Gardner President of NetIQ
A Discussion with Nils Brauckman President of SUSE
GroupWise Feedback Session
Open Enterprise Server Update and Futures
Open Enterprise Server Feedback Session
Novell Storage Services Update
Panel session and discussions
Support Update and Feedback
A Discussion with Bob Flynn President of Novell
Apple Support Update
ZENWorks Asset Management
Identity Management Futures

TTP 2010 conference (EMEA session, Regensburg Germany):
Vibe OnPrem Installation and Configuration (hands-on)
GroupWise Roadmap and Futures
The Future of Platespin Products
Collaboration Vibe On-Prem and Vibe Cloud - the Cost Benefits of Use and Implementation
Novell Cloud Manager, Workloads in the Cloud
Efficient and compliant usage and management of Novell GroupWise
SUSE Linux Enterprise Roadmap and Futures
Vibe at the LMU München
Service Requests - Best practices
The Future of Federated Access Management
SUSE Appliance Toolkit
Archiving, Backup and Disaster Recovery for GroupWise
Novell Service Desk Introduction and Demo
OES NCP/AFP/CIFS and other protocols
Setting up Sentinel Log Manager to do eDirectory and NSS Auditing
GroupWise SMTP Infrastructure Design (Presenter)
The Bangalore Development Centre
OES Roadmap and Futures
The New Novell File Management Suite Overview
Backup of Novell Cluster and Backup of virtualized environments
ZENworks 11 What's new with Roadmap and Futures Update
OES2 SP3 Features and Changes, and what to expect in OES11
IDM 4 Overview and Key Benefits
eDir update
iPrint Update
How to get the most from your TTP membership
Keystroke Biometrics at the University of Regensburg
Filesystems Update including NSS, NetStorage, Btrfs
Novell Support Advisor
SUSE Manager Update
Academic Computing: is this the future

GWAVACon (Torrance, CA):
Novell GroupWise 8: Migrating to Linux
Novell GroupWise - A first look at 8.3
GroupWise SMTP Infrastructure Design (Presenter)
GroupWise in the Cloud
Troubleshooting GroupWise with a Browser
Defining your Mobile Strategy
Moving GroupWise

Novell quality and beta testing:

Open Enterprise Server 11
GroupWise Ascot (GroupWise 2012)



Novell Education services:
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Administration Course 3103

Partner Training:
Novell Cluster Services for OES 2 SP2 Linux Hands on

Augusta University:
Business Writing Hands on
Business Etiquette Hands on

TTP 2010 conference (USA, Provo Utah):
OES Linux backup ideas
OES Linux Futures
IDM Futures
Don't ban text messaging: Archiving with Retain from Blackberry
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Futures
Novell Pulse
GroupWise Futures and Novell Data Synchronizer
Novell Storage Manager Futures
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server High Availability
Domain Services for Windows
Novell Support Advisor
SUSE Studio
New features for NCS in OES 2 SP3
Secure Login
GroupWise SMTP Infrastructure Design (Presenter)
EndPoint security issues such as data leakage prevention
SEP Sesam
Novell Priveledged User Manager
A preview of ZenWorks 11
The Novell Integrated Help Desk, everything HelpDesk
Novell Support Process
Novell Teaming
Novell Conferencing
The new and updated SUSE Linux Enterprise maintenance model
vi/vim demystified
SuperLumin iProxy and Nemesis: Life Beyond Border, Live Without Limits
To cluster or to Virtualise that is the question
KVM Experiences
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 SP1

TTP Spring Summit 2010 (USA, Salt Lake City Utah):
Open Enterprise Server Futures
iFolder,NetStorage, and Quickfinder
eDirectory and Identity Manager 4 Update
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Build Service and Virtual Appliance Facilities
Planet Filestore: Saving the World with Dynamic Storage
Free or Nearly Free Utilities to Help the Administrator
Cloud Services Security
Supporting and Managing Mobile Devices in a GroupWise Environment
Sentinel Update and Oferings to Academia
Linux Commands for NetWare Admins
Open Enterprise Server Updates
Mount-bind with Linux backups
GoogleApps and Banner integration by Concensus Consulting
NSS Discussion
iPrint Update
Domain Services for Windows Update
IDM XPATH driver walk through
ZEN Update

Novell Brainshare 2010 (USA, Salt Lake City Utah):
Introduction to GWAVA Reload
Deployment Considerations for Linux User Management on Open Enterprise Server
Novell iPrint: Advanced Features on Linux
Novell iFolder 3.8: A Simple, Secure File Access Solution
Upgrading from NetWare to Open Enterprise Server on Linux: The Novell Consulting Way
Building a Service-driven Enterprise Cloud
High Availability with Novell Cluster Services for Open Enterprise Server on Linux
Best Practices for Novell GroupWise on Linux
NSS File System Performance, Clustering and Auditing in Novell Open Enterprise Server on Linux
Mobility Solutions for Novell GroupWise
GWAVA Reload Disaster Recovery – Hands on Lab
What an Enterprise should look for in a Cloud Provider
Best Practices for Administering GroupWise 8
UNIX to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server: Tools and Tips for a Successful Migration
Quickly Configure a High Availability Cluster with SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 High Availability Extension
From Appliances to Workloads: Building a simple Manageable Datacenter

Professional Development:

Professional accomplishments and efforts:
Interviewed by contributing editor for Fed Tech and Info World magazines on Linux High Availability solution trends
Co-authored Novell GroupWise 8 Best Practices Wiki at the request of the product worldwide manager and a respected European consulting company
Continuing to produce usably formatted documentation for GHSU programs of service
Continuing extensive lab work outside of conventional work hours to evaluate technologies and their respective deployment and management models
Continuing to foster partnerships with vendors that benefit GHSU (Novell, Messaging Architects, GWAVA, etc.)
Continuing to be active in vendor beta and quality management programs involving technologies that could benefit GHSU
Continuing to foster relationships with support resources in domestic and foreign universities and colleges that benefit GHSU (Novell Academic Technology Transfer Partners, TTP)
Continuing to directly inform ITSS leadership of remarkable technologies, processes, or trends that could benefit GHSU



Certifications Achieved:
Datacenter Technical Specialist
SUSE Certified Linux Administrator (CLA 10)


Novell Education services:
Upgrading to Novell GroupWise 8 Course 3093
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Fundamentals Course 3071
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Administration Course 3072

ATT Live 2009 courses (Spring session):
Novell GroupWise WebAccess Multiple Agent Installation for failover and redirection
Top GroupWise Support issues
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, 10 Troubleshooting Techniques
Novell Adanced eDirectory Troubleshooting
Configuring GroupWise on a NCS cluster for Linux
Hardening Your Linux Host using the HIDS Toolkit
Enterprise Storage Technology in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Novell Business Continuity Clustering
OES 2 Top Support Issues
Whats new in OES 2 SP1
Novell eDirectory Guidelines for Identity Vaults

ATT Live 2009 courses (Winter session):
SUSE Linux Enterprise Sever 11: Captain VIM's Adventures in File Editing
Novell Privileged User Manager: Reigning in Root
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11: BASH Scripting Fundamentals
Advanced Deployment and Troubleshooting of Applications with Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization
Novell Business Service Management (BSM): The Future of IT Management
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11: Techniques to Tune a Linux Multiprocessor Server
Live from Las Vegas: Become a Linux System Admin Rock Star with SUSE Linux Enterprise 11
Migrating Certificate Services

TTP 2009 conference (USA, Provo Utah):
Open Enterprise Server Futures
GroupWise Mobility and Beyond
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 - New Features
GroupWise 8 and Futures
HTTP/S Load-Balancer (cheaply): Apache, Pound, and Keepalived
Teaming and Conferencing - the latest version
Novell Demo Systems: Utopia
Introduction and Technical overview of the Concensus Google Apps IDM driver
Lightspeed - Setup, Configuration and Management
Novell Online Demo Systems: NODS
Access Manager
How Novell Products can make your portal fly - a case study
ZAV what is it and where is it going
Eliminate email attachments and provide ad hoc file sharing and remote access using DocXchanger
Using XEN for real
The Stanford Work Anywhere Program - its development and implementation
Domain Services for Windows Technology Overview, Current Limitations and Plans
M+Guardian: Policy-Based, Email Security and Data Leak Prevention
ZCM - ZEN 7 and ZEN 10 what is the difference and where are they going
File systems - the latest update
Securing your Infrastructure Using ZEN Endpoint Security Management and ZEN Network Access Control
Novell Intelligent Storage - Next generation of storage management with NSM 2.5, DST and ESR
Controlling file based storage growth using the new Novell Enterprise Storage Reporting product
Wading through concrete -- a convoluted path to ZCM
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 as an XEN Virtualisation Host
Stepping up Mac Access with Kanaka 2.0
IDM version 4, high availability, futures, new functionality, 64 bit ref memory constraints, provisioning module
Help desk success with James Johnatakis, plus the ZENworks 10 Integrated help desk
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Family -- Status and Futures
Edirectory Futures and LDAP Proxy
Federated Access Management Update
iPrint accounting: from NetWare to Linux
Building a HA MySQL Cluster with Novell Cluster Services
NetStorage and iFolder - discussion session

Novell quality and beta testing:

Novell Domain Services for Windows
Novell Data Synchronizer

Professional Development:

Organizational benchmarks:
Successful redesign and implementation of the Enterprise Email system architecture
Development and documentation of ITSS Linux Server standards
Professionalism in the execution of my duties and when representing ITSS and GHSU

Professional accomplishments and efforts:
Continuing to produce usably formatted documentation for GHSU programs of service
Continuing extensive lab work outside of conventional work hours to evaluate technologies and their respective deployment and management models
Continuing to foster partnerships with vendors that benefit GHSU (Novell, Messaging Architects, etc)
Continuing to be active in vendor beta and quality management programs involving technologies that could benefit GHSU
Continuing to foster relationships with support resources in domestic and foreign universities and colleges that benefit GHSU (Novell Academic Technology Transfer Partners, TTP)
Continuing to directly inform ITSS leadership of remarkable technologies, processes, or trends that could benefit GHSU